About the Book

Poetry of Love by Lina Dow

Poetry of Love

My book is called Poetry of Love it’s basically about everything you go through in your life. Some poems are about love, some about pain and heartache, the things each one of us as humans go through each day of our lives. We experience love when we are with the one we love and share our hopes and dreams with. We also experience sadness and pain from a broken heart and the feelings you feel when you are alone and missing the person you thought will always be there to catch you. So that’s what my book is about, different feelings of we go through in each day of our lives.

Wave of Love by Lina Dow

Waves of Love

My book is called Waves of Love it’s mostly about losing the ones we love the process of grieve and getting through the pain, other poems mostly about the heartbreaks each of us face on daily basis then we get into beauty of nature and how blessed we are to experience such beauty in life.